Thursday, 12 April 2012

The waking garden.


I particularly like this time of year in the garden. Especially early in the morning when everything has that dewy freshness about it. I was out at 7am this morning taking these photographs of my garden. My 2 year old was happily reading his Fireman Sam book in the conservatory, the 8 year old was fast asleep and hub was at his desk so it was the perfect opportunity for me to creep out into the garden in my pj's and slippers and take a few snaps! Oh, the glamour!

At this time of year, the garden seems to be slowly waking up from a deep sleep. I can almost see the perennials yawning and stretching their way out of the ground as their green leaved summer outfits start to make an appearance. The Clematis 'Elsa Spath' is showing promising signs...lots of early growth. The Alpines and the primroses are in flower already, adding a bit of spring excitement to an otherwise still quite sleepy garden. The garden furniture will soon come out of hibernation along with the Chimenea for that late evening warmth during the BBQ season. To me, it is a very optimistic time of year.

Now is the time when I start to consider exteriors as well as interiors.....replacing any frost damaged pots and planters and getting a few ideas for what to plant. The kids like to get involved, to varying degrees, and so I let them choose a pot or two in which they can sow some seeds or plant some herbs. 

Here are some planter examples for adults and children alike. The tea cup and saucer planter might be an excellent and fun way of encouraging and getting children involved in gardening.

Botanico tea cup and saucer
£19.99 Greenfingers. 

Galvanised herb pots £1.80 each
Zinc oval planters £19.99 for 2
Galvanised planters
 £44.50 for 3

Large window planter £47.50


Cascade planter £89.99
Bamburgh herb planter £49.99

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