Saturday, 9 January 2016

A plea for everyone's help.

You haven't heard from Lottie's Interiors for a couple of months but I'm back!

I'm not back with the latest style trends or interior styling pointers though with this post.

You know when life presents you with those timely reminders that there really are truly more important things to think about than what your front room looks like, or what you're wearing today, or what you look like... those sort of trivial details that can clog up our lives. Do these things really matter in the grand scheme of things? Do they heck!

Today's post is about one thing and that is helping someone in real need of our help.

I'm going to say no more but just point you in the direction of Hayley Kalinins.

Please read her story and let's do whatever we can to get her the help and hope that she and her lovely, young family need.

Thank you in anticipation. Please click on the link below and go to Hayley's page and donate then share, share, share!

Lottie xxxx

Please let's help Hayley and her young family.