Tuesday, 10 April 2012


This, not insignificant bounty, (excuse the pun) of confectionery belongs to my own two very delighted Easter chicks! It equates to around two thirds of the total hoard. Unfortunately,  for my children's teeth at least, we have quite a large extended family! At least it has a good shelf life. I will squirrel this lot away and drip feed it over the coming year or so!! I seem to remember being happy with one egg!

When we bought this house we inherited some rather nice but rather rickety old chairs. In my book, 'rickety' is a good thing. Character, history, 'shabby chic' as perhaps some would call it. In my husband's book, it means belonging in the skip or chopped up for fire wood ideally! 

I would argue, and do, frequently, that our house lends itself well to old bits of furniture....the tattier the better. As long as I can see some potential....a mini makeover.....then it will always have a home, even if we don't need it. I can't throw chairs away. We have ten or eleven dining chairs stashed away or dotted around the house and they all come out at Christmas, birthdays, dinner parties etc. They are needed!

A particularly rickety example has had a mini makeover, a kind of 10 Years Younger for the furniture world, today. Once her legs have been glued back in place, she will be a new woman!

Rather than all one colour, I have paired Elephant's Breath (F&B) with Mulberry (Homebase 'Sanctuary' range). I bought tester pots for both colours. Furniture painting purists would tell me off for using matt emulsion on woodwork. It will bash and show the wood underneath far quicker than 'wood paint' but I'm not bothered about that. Tester pots are a fraction of the cost and good enough for one off jobs here and there. The Mulberry tester pot has covered one whole chair (2 coats) and this one, so a pretty cost effective makeover. I can touch up the odd bash as and when.

There's life in this old chair yet!

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