Monday, 2 April 2012

A tree for Easter.

I decided to decorate our Easter tree today. This statement makes it sound like I decorate an Easter tree every year. Actually, this year will be the first! I have thought about doing it before, but the thought has never moved from being just an idea. This year I thought I would indugle in a bit of Easter-ousness (a new word!) and give it a go.

Decorating Easter trees is another festive holiday custom that traces its roots back to Germany.

The traditional "trees" were branches in a vase hung with brightly coloured eggs. Today many homes hang the painted or dyed Easter eggs and other decorations on real trees in their front yards to add a colourful touch and a festive spirit to the whole neighbourhood.

A variation on the Easter tree tradition takes its inspiration from the Bible, with families creating ornaments based on scripture, starting with Genesis and ending with the Resurrection.

During Lent, one ornament per day is added for the 40 days of Lent, or just one per week until holy week when an egg is added counting down to Easter. The ornaments are usually hand made as kids help to decide what Biblical symbols would make appropriate decorations for the Easter tree.

As I am not organised enough for the 40 days of lent, my tree is going up with only days to spare, though I do like to find out about the traditions behind these things.

This branch is actually my Christmas branch. This is an idea I pinched from my Mum, who, at Christmas, always paints a branch onto which she dangles all manner of sparkly, shiny, twinkly baubles and pretty lights. Naturally, I stole her idea and made it my own! Mine was slightly bigger, spray painted chrome silver rather than white and bedecked with a handful of big, fat juicy baubles and twinkly white lights. I preferred it to the main tree in the end.  If you have the time and can find a decent shaped branch from somewhere then I urge you to do this at Christmas. The effect is really something and a bit different from the norm.

Onto the Easter tree. I re wrapped the base (a solid, heavy chunk of railway sleeper) with pink spotty paper and secured the branch. The eggs (shown below) are from Dibor and cost £5.95 for 10. Try as an alternative. You will find a whole range of Easter decorations here.....lots of lovely Gisela Graham bits and bobs.

The other decorations are from a range of local gift shops, but include small white wooden geese, card gift tags, hole-punched and threaded with blue gingham ribbon and pink and blue wooden spotty hearts. I am going to add some easter chicks at some point....but just haven't got round to that yet. Lights are an option, but I think I am going to leave it as it is.

If you get in quick, you may still have time to decorate a tree before the weekend! Happy Easter! x

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