Friday, 27 April 2012

Another rainy day!

Yet another rainy day! Whilst I actually find something quite relaxing about being indoors watching and listening to the rain outside, it is getting a bit much now! Even the quickest of trips to the supermarket involves wellies, raincoats and umbrellas. Exhausting! 

To add to this I was struck down with a 'bug' earlier in the week and so have been unable to function as normal! As my friend accurately observed, tummy bugs are one of the few things young children are willing to share!

As I have somewhat fallen short in the home interiors department this week, I thought I would post a picture of this beautiful jug, a present from my parents' recent France visit.

The perfect lift for these dull, wet, April days.

.....and the perfect excuse for my husband to go in to full 'Carry On' mode with endless references to "nice jugs!"

I hope it stops soon! Enough said!

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