Friday, 20 April 2012

New look bedrooms for the kids

I am currently in the process of ageing-up the children's bedrooms. My son will be graduating from a cot into a single bed over the next few weeks. I have managed to put this off, despite coming under pressure from some of my contemporaries whose little darlings went from cot to bed at the age of something like 6 months, so they say!! That was once they had potty trained them at 3 weeks and taught them Latin of course.....!!

Frankly, I would have kept my 'little darling' in a cot until he managed to climb out were it not for the fact that he is getting too big for his sleeping bag and has outgrown every size of travel cot, so holidaying, visiting and staying anywhere where he has to sleep in a 'big boy's bed' is going to need some training!  

The other make-over involves my daughter's room, currently a pretty picture of pink-ness. Tasteful, but most definitely pink. Some while back she decided that blue was her favourite colour....about the same time as she discovered the delights of boy bands and horses....

Both rooms, thankfully, are painted white with neutral flooring, so the basics are there. I have started to peel off the border in my son's room, at which point I would urge any Mum-to-be....DON'T put up a border in the new nursery! At the time of decorating my son's nursery, I was new to nursery preparation. When I had my daughter we were leading a very transient life and knew we were moving within a few months so decorating a nursery was never part of the equation. By the time my son had arrived I was so excited that I went mad and bought everything...border, curtains, tie backs, blankets, toys....short of having my newborn tatooed with a gingerbread man, the room was well and truly 'themed'! I know. I really should have known better!

My daughter currently has a Cath Kidston pink polka dot duvet set which she loves. She is lucky in that she has a beautiful double bed and a kingsize quilt....downside....kingsize quilts cost!
I had a look around on line as she really wanted exactly the same but in blue. £60 for a duvet plus extra for pillow cases, plus delivery. That's quite a lot for an 8 year old!

What I found was a near identical set (Duvet and 2 pillow cases) from Yorkshire for £18.99 plus delivery!

Now, admittedly, the above set is a polyester and cotton mix, whereas the Cath Kidston range is 100% cotton. I will compare the two on arrival and let you know the verdict.

Similar story for my son's room. The bedding sets below are from Yorkshire Linen and John Lewis respectively. Again, the John Lewis set, which I love, is 100% cotton and is £45 for the duvet and pillow case. The set below is £19.99 for duvet and pillow case, though having searched some more (after I'd ordered), it is available new on Ebay from £9.95! Again, I've ordered the Yorkshire Linen set. I don't think I will be accessorising with the matching elements, cushions etc. though. A tad over themed for my liking especially given that we live in the centre of the UK!

It remains to be seen whether the feel and quality of either of the two sets ordered will be compromised at these costs. Then again, children grow up and their tastes and likes change at such a rapid rate, that a little bit of polyester saving me a few pounds may be a compromise worth accepting! In any case, I need the extra for my White Company bedding! 

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