Sunday, 15 April 2012


I have a bit of an obsession with symmetry.  I like to arrange objects in a symmetrical fashion and get a bit twitchy if something is slightly out of place! (I know....a bit 'Sleeping with the enemy'...) I recall watching a design programme once where a house had been renovated, however the owner was not happy with the positioning of a spot light above the bath. The symmetry was not quite right. It bothered the owner when in the bath looking up at the light, so much so, the electrician was brought back in to re-align the light fitting. It would have driven me bananas too even though it was only a fraction out of line. 

Fortunately, symmetry is a trick of the trade used by interior stylists to achieve timeless, classic styles when positioning objects on shelves and mantelpieces or just positioning treasured items around the home. Perfect! I can indulge my obsession under the guise of design!

On a shelf or mantel, position items in a straight row, such as candlesticks, with one at either end. To add a little more depth, position two urns or two lanterns, for example, next to each other in the centre. You can see, my mantelpiece has this balanced arrangement as the main focus and then a couple of additional smaller items to slightly break up the uniformity.

For a more casual symmetry, select medium sized items for display. The objects should resemble each other in some along the same theme....but should not match. There should still be a balance to the arrangement....but not necessarily a strict symmetry. Some refer to this as 'balanced asymmetry'.

All vignettes, whether on a table or a shelf, need to have highs and lows. Place medium sized pieces at one end, for example, and then balance with a single large piece at the other end.

Symmetry and/or balance is pleasing to the eye and is why most will order objects with this in mind.




  1. simply beautiful, if I had the money, I'd get you to come and do my home! x

  2. Your title is freaking me out. I can't stop thinking about it. I too have the same affliction. Is there any hope? X

    1. I've had similar confessions from quite a few people following this post!x