Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Style from Sainsbury's!

I don't know about anyone else, but in my own home I tend to have various jobs on the go at once. Each one will get finished but it may take a little more time. I have bursts of enthusiasm and unfortunately my favourite tasks are the ones where I can see immediate or quick results!

My daughter's bedroom is a case in point. I blogged a while back about her transition from pink to blue. I still haven't completely nailed this job. For her birthday (9) we treated her to some Cath Kidston bedding, as pictured. It's duck egg, which wasn't the original plan as it is quite a tricky colour to match, but she loves it and I got it in the sale so double bonus! It is 'grown up' whilst still 'girly pretty' and it goes perfectly with her One Direction poster! (her words, not mine...though I can see what she means.)

The pink curtains in the background will go eventually. We then decided that as she reads a lot and, in theory, will be doing increasing amounts of homework (!!) that she needed some task lighting.

We established that she quite liked the whole anglepoise concept (slightly cajoled by myself!). I like the mix of a little bit of a modern edge against the pretty, country style. We very quickly established that, no, she could not have the original Anglepoise!  Design classics, yes....but way off budget! There was a white John Lewis version but it was quite small and a bit 'wimpy' looking! I also liked an in between version in chrome, but it was quite large and at £60, though not horrendously expensive, it was too expensive for our requirments.

Unable to make a decision we decided to search on and think about it for a while.

I popped into Sainsbury's today to buy some beetroot (I can't live without beetroot!) and stumbled upon this little beauty in the home section just as I was leaving with a basket full of stuff I didn't go in for! It is exactly what we were looking for. The right size....not too large but not skimpy looking. It cost £26 which compared very favourably to others I had considered. The wimpy version in JL was £25 and this one is much much nicer.

This purchase softened the blow of not being able to get my hands on a black faux fur gilet from Primark that I saw a stylist friend wearing! When it comes to clothing I always seem to get there too late! Completely sold out!


  1. Its a great lamp. Perfect for the bedside.I am amazed how many lovely things you can get for the home in Sainsburys these days.

  2. It's true, Anne....though that fact plays havoc with the grocery shop!!