Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The finished article and the next project.

Finally finished the wardrobe. It's always the little faffy jobs at the end that take the time! We (the Royal 'we') lost the screws for the door hinges and so I had to raid the toolbox for some alternatives. 'We' sellotaped them together and put them somewhere safe! It's our age, you know. Happens all the time. Not one screw matches but the doors feel fairly secure! Don't think anyone will notice. I suspect they are hidden somewhere as my son is going through that phase of hiding keys....wardrobe door keys....screws....

Next on my list of jobs is the shameful excuse for a shoe cupboard below. This is going to get a complete re-vamp. Not hard to see why! I've made a start by removing some of the boxes. They actually all fell on me when I opened the door to take this photo along with a section of the back wall!


  1. Hello Lottie. Enjoying your following your blog and love your ideas. Wonder if you'd have a look at the pictures of my mantlepiece and advise me.
    Should remove the photos? Or just have wooden objects? Any ideas appreciated!

    1. Thank you Eleanor. I love your collection of Kaleidoscopes, they are very beautiful objects. No one wanting to buy a house would be put off by a collection like this! Now if you were collecting pigs or cuddly toys or porcelain dolls on the other hand....! I completely agree with the great William Morris in that we should be surrounded by things that we love or make us happy.....but when trying to sell your house...the soft toys on the bed have to go!! With your mantel piece, try grouping the objects together if you haven't already. I love the mix of wood and metal and so a little re arranging should do the trick. Put your kaleidoscopes to the left, with the upright, tallest to the outside working in. Overlap a little if possible so that it doesn't all look too 'staged' or uniform. Group the photos to the right, again with the largest, tallest to the outside. If you are able to overlap or angle the photos slightly it would be better. The frames look curved on the photo so it may not be possible. May have to re-frame? Definitely stick to silver/metallic though as this is perfect with wood and stone. Alternatively, still grouping the objects, put the photos to the right, followed by the wooden objects and then, if room, a vase of flowers to the left to soften the over all look....or possible the flowers in the middle. Hope this helps. I look forward to a photo on your blog! Continued luck with selling your house. Let me know if I can be of any further assistance. Lottie

    2. Thanks so much! Will experiment. Mantle quite narrow so that restricts me a little- no room for flowers so tend to put them at ground level. Will keep on reading and foollowing your tips though not sure I'm up to revamping a wardrobe like you've done.