Sunday, 10 February 2013

I'm a Crafty Blogger!

I was lucky enough recently to have been approached by Francesca Cookney of the Sunday Mirror and asked if I would be interested in featuring in an article she was doing on women that blog, specifically on interiors/home/craft that sort of thing. Thanks to my wonderful friend Beth at for encouraging me!

I decided it would be a fun thing to do....though it meant a good few hours tidying the house ready for the photographer as well as dragging a brush through my mane of hair!

Please note, there is a certain atmosphere in our household this morning....firstly, my daughter was upset that she is actually now 9 yet the article refers to her as being 8! In my defense, she was 8  when I did the interview.

A far more heinous crime, according to my husband at least, is that I got his age wrong! I'm not sure why he is complaining. I did him a favour!

Click below and follow the link to read.

I've got a few projects on the go at the moment, not least of all the sister in law and her house move! I'm off out this afternoon armed with magazines to talk blinds and/or curtains!

Over the next week or so I have also got to transform a built in cupboard in our bedroom.


  1. HI Lottie! I have just seen the article and have become your newest follower.Looking forward to seeing what you have to say and pleased that you do this for pleasure (as do I though not so much about interiors, mine is fairly eclectic subject matter!).

    1. Hi Anne. Thank you so much for following! I love your ecelctic approach. Marmalade reminds me of my favourite book as a child...Orlando the marmalade cat. My cat, Boris, who now lives with my parents due to husband allergy (my husband has the allergy to the cat....not the other way round which is how that read!)has decimated the cat mint in their garden! Oops.

  2. Brilliant to see you getting some recognition for your fantastic blog. Am seeing a slight resemblance to Linda Barker in the photo - clearly you have her figure, what about your diving skills? Many congrats! xx

  3. OK. I can see the hair thing being slightly LB (That's Linda Barker not Llewelyn Bowen). As for the diving....not a chance! Not quite the same effect when you have to hold your nose when diving! Though that is quite a difficult skill let me tell you! Thanks again and tell your Mum I'll come fix up her mirror!xxx

  4. Hi Lottie,

    I'm so glad to have found your fantastic, inspirational blog - congratulations on your recognition - and I look forward to reading and seeing much more from you - thanks, and keep it up!


  5. Thank you so much Emma! I'm glad you enjoy it. Please let me know if ever you want any more info or want me to post on anything in particular.