Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Nothing to do with interiors today.

I wouldn't normally divert so much away from the subject as I am today so please let me off for that, but I just wanted to take advantage of my blog this one time to share a story of the greatest hope and courage against the odds with you.

The following is an update from a lovely young lady, wife and mum with young children at the same school as my son. Hayley continues to face such a tough battle with secondary cancer with such positivity and courage. Reading her updates fills me with so many different emotions...but above all she amazes me with how well she keeps it together. I am in no doubt that she has the most dark dark moments, moments and thoughts some of which she shares in her updates,  but whenever I see her on the school run she is bright, bubbly and smiling!

The extract below is from a status update on Hayley's fb page started at the beginning of her journey.  http://www.facebook.com/HayleysCancerFight

See also www.hayleyscancerfight.co.uk

Today's post is dedicated to Hayley. xx

✭✭✭ Update ✭✭✭

Firstly i would like to say Thank you.
Thank you to everyone who has likes this page and is following my journey of Secondary Breast Cancer.

I have had lots of new like on the page within the last couple of months so i just wanted to give everyone a little update of what happened.

On the 3rd July 2010, i was happily married with a lovely wedding business, i had a new baby girl ag...ed 18 weeks, 2 boys aged 4 and 5 and my eldest daughter aged 10. Life was good. My husband had his dream job as 1st team fitness coach at Birmingham City FC.
Then on the 4th July 2010 i was the Diagnosed with Secondary Breast Cancer. I went onto learn that when the breast cancer cells had travelled to another part of the body (in my case my liver) the cancer could only be treated and not cured.
I now needed to put up a fight and learn to live with it.
2 ladies took over my business, Andrew had time off work to look after me and the children, and i started treatment.
A year later Andrew was made redundant, i had no business and cancer that couldn't be cured.
How my life had changed...

In November the scans showed that the breast cancer had spread to my Lungs.
I am now into my 19th Month since being diagnosed.
The scan last week showed slow progression of the cancer spreading.
I have undergone 2 full cycles of Chemotherapy and half a cycle of chemotherapy which i didn't respond too.
I now need a new treatment plan which i will get on Wednesday.

My husband Andrew and my brother Mat is going to run the 26 Miles London Marathon for ME in April.
We know that's not going to be easy.
They got a place through Macmillan and as most are aware they need to raise £2000 each.
If we are lucky enough to raise over this amount it can go into the 'Hayley's Cancer Fight Fund'

Everyone wants to help, but if i am honest there is not a lot people can do, that is why we are now fundraising so everyone can help!!

I have dreams to achieve now in my short life.

Creating amazing Happy memories for my 4 Beautiful Children who i adore.

Just one of which is to take them to Disney in Florida.

Yes, last week the news was again devastating, but this is now my life and it is rarely going to be good news.
I have to get used to it and enjoy life while i am here.

Everyone's support is amazing. You help me and my family get through the darkest of days.

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. It is very overwhelming receiving donations from some people we have never even met.

Even through what is happening i am determined to get my smile back and have some happy times again.

If i have learnt anything, one is to 'Live Everyday'

All my love and thanks,

Hayley and Family x x x

(If you can Share this page to all you know and spread the word, every little helps!)

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