Tuesday, 12 March 2013

More wallpaper.....Laura Ashley this time.

Blimey, it's cold! Just when I think it is slightly spring-like and time to bring out a few springy clothes, the snow makes a re-appearance!

I quite like snow...but preferably on a mountain top where I can don skis and show off my complete lack of technical know how. Speed...yes. Daring...yes. Finesse, no! (I'm a pro when it comes to après-ski though.)

That's my kind of snow. Not this wispy, namby pamby stuff that just makes us all cold and miserable.

I had just put away my winter boots and unearthed some more spring-like footwear when back it came!

On the subject of footwear, I set about (with the help of my little wallpapering elf-husband..), sorting out my shoe cupboard. It was in a right old state. Cold, damp and dusty. Hubby fixed up the walls with a little filler and lined the finished walls with an insulating layer of polystyrene veneer paper (one wall is an exterior wall) before papering the walls with the decorative paper below. 

Though it is not finished, I thought I would post a picture of the beginnings of the transformation because I took a little browse around Laura Ashley, who seem to constantly have sales on, and found some pretty wallpaper to line the inside of the cupboard. (As you will be aware...this is my current obsession!) Much of the stock in LA is up to 50% off at the moment. All the wallpapers and decorating stock is 50% off so I paid £18 for a roll of this Summer Palace paper and half price for a tin of egg shell duck egg paint. The intention is to finish this cupboard with shelves and decent shoe storage. At the moment I have to fight my way through loads of boxes in order to find what I want. I spotted these shoe storage boxes (see below) in Ikea which should solve the problem of my early mornings spent rifling!

Worth popping along to Laura Ashley at the moment if you are wanting anything new or any relatively inexpensive paper to play with. Paper of this style would work equally well in a modern or traditional setting and comes in other colours. This particular one is duck egg. I know Laura Ashley is not to everyone's taste....but it is possible to find designs that are quite modern and during their sales it's good for a bargain.


  1. And I can verify looks fantastic in the flesh too ! Nice paper , at a reasonable cost and makes cupboard look great . Love the bird hooks too .

    1. Thanks! It's quite a good way of experimenting with colour or patterns if, like me, you prefer to keep walls painted and fairly neutral.

  2. Its gorgeous.I never buy anything full price in Laura Ashley, they do have a lot of sales. I love the wallpaper and have seen it there before, a real bargain.