Sunday, 13 May 2012

Eight going on eighteen!

You may have noticed a slight hiatus in my posts of late. No real reason other than I have had a hectic week with no real time for interiors.

My current project or should I say, 'projects' have been on my mind but there has been little in the way of action.

You may recall a few posts ago I mentioned that the children's bedrooms were next on the hit list. Both rooms are currently in their 'transition phase'. My daughter is moving from pink ("So babyish!") to blue and my son is going from cot to bed and gingerbread man to something more 'little boy' not baby. As yet, I am undecided.

The pictures below are the start of the blue room. I have removed the pink curtains (which I loved, with their cutesy white bobble trim!) and the window awaits some form of blue, possibly white, curtain to add a bit of depth to the window which has a plain white blind at the moment.

You may also remember that I ordered some bargain bedding a few weeks back as Cath Kidston no longer stock the blue spot bedding which was my first choice. The blue spot bedding that I found was somewhat cheaper than the Cath Kidston version and I did have my reservations at the time. Unfortunately, when it arrived it was not as I had imagined and so it went straight back! I shall say no more than that!!

At the same time I had ordered some bedding for my son...white with sailing boats. Although this too, was not quite as I had imagined, it was actually perfectly ok and is now waiting for the bed onto which it will go.

Anyway. Back to the blue room. The return of the blue spot bedding was actually, as it turned out, quite fortuitous. I thought my daughter would be bitterly disappointed, particularly as I was unable to find a replacement, only for her to tell me that she was actually really relieved as she didn't really want spotty bedding....that our house was fully of spotty things and that she really wanted something a little more 'grown up'. She is 8!!

So, with budding interior designer in tow, we trudged off around town on the hunt for 'mature' bedding! First stop. British Home Stores. Strike One! We found this lovely Juliet vintage ruffles bed set in the sale. (Phew! For a kingsize quilt, I got off fairly lightly!). Duvet cover and pillow cases from £35.

The pic below shows the set off far more stylishly than the main pics, which are post use and un-ironed! (I'm afraid I don't have time to iron quilt covers!).

To add some colour and layering I found a blue toile bedspread by Cargo which matched my client's requirements perfectly! Similarly priced bedspreads (£40-£50 for a kingsize) can be found at BHS and Dunhelm.

The lighting needs 'maturing' as well and so we chose this light fitting from Next for the central ceiling light. It is a little more modern, yet pretty. We decided there was still room for 'pretty' in the scheme, just so long as it wasn't pink!  

We've still to find a replacement lamp shade for the bedside lamp and a few other bits and bobs, but things are slowly taking shape and the room has an altogether more grown up feel to it.

What you can't see is the One Direction poster on the wall at the opposite end of the bed!! When I suggested that a poster of 'Blue' would have been far more apt, my daughter just stared at me as if I had grown a pair of large, green ears and fourteen extra arms! "WHO??"

Admittedly, already I have spent more on bedding than I had planned for a child's bedroom. My defence being both that I am constrained by the size of the bed....a double with kingsize duvet.....and the fact that the new scheme should see her through the next few years without too many changes. I'm sure at some point I might steal the bedspread for other uses in any case, so it's purchase is totally justified!

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  1. Love that duvet and the light is gorgeous too Lottie. Lucky little girl. She will get several years use from that colour scheme I'd imagine.