Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Red shoes and a striped lamp. Nautical but nice!

Hooray for some nice weather! As the sun was shining, I thought it the perfect opportunity to dig into the depths of my shoe stash and bring out my summer red sling backs! Absolutely nothing to do with interior decorating....but what the heck! Instantly cheered me up! Apologies that the dodgy photography makes it appear that our house is on a massive slope! I could fib and say that is why I look slightly off balance. Nothing to do with the killer heel.....Shoes from Bertie.

 I had a short lived trip into town yesterday. I had the 2 year old with me, hence the trip was cut very very short! It started badly. My ever so efficient husband had, ever so efficiently (Yes. You correctly detect slight sarcasm!) cleared my car in readiness for its little make-over today, and in doing so removed the buggy at the same time.

Aaaaaaaarrrrgggggg! As a result, I think I probably ran the equivalent of 46 miles around John Lewis in as many seconds, hot footing it after Usain Bolt (son!) who thought the whole thing was hilarious! Adding insult to injury, he shouted "Silly Mummy." the whole of the time! Yes. Silly Mummy indeed. The fabric I had intended looking at, and about which I will have to refer another time, remained un-looked at. I ended up in the white goods department replacing all the price tags and closing all of the now opened washing machine and oven doors!

I decided, when it looked like we would be thrown out, that we would leave voluntarily. Exit through the lighting section where I dashed past and caught a fleeting glimpse of this lamp. I love it and it looks even nicer in the flesh. Slightly nautical but quite smart at the same time. It's called 'Alina' and is £45 for shade and base and comes in red too.

Enjoy the sunshine....assuming you are lucky enough to have some!

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