Thursday, 17 May 2012

Things I couldn't do without.......

One of my favourite things about this time of year is that the Wisteria around our front door begins to burst into flower. The smell is just divine and my friends and passers-by express 'Wisteria envy' every year! I'd like to take credit for my lovely Wisteria, but sadly, this too was an inherited gem from the previous owners.

I laugh every year. It has become some what of a tradition that myself and my neighbour, a very keen and experienced gardener (unlike myself!), engage in a Wisteria battle.....who can produce the healthiest Wisteria! Every year, my neighbour argues that I am the victor and that his Wisteria pales into insignificance in comparison. If only he knew that I don't do anything from one year to the next. No pruning, no feeding, no anything! Given my relative non-green fingered-ness, I am surprised it is still alive! Having said that, this year I did cut out an article about 'pruning your Wisteria' by Monty Don and I did endeavour to do the odd bit of pruning and added a little potash to the base. No doubt my extra (only) care and attention will shock it to death, if all this rain doesn't murder it first!

As for things I can't do without....

With two children still at that age of being unable to eat or drink without losing half the contents of the fork, spoon or cup before reaching their mouths, my absolute must is wipeable pvc table cloths.

I know many a convert to the PVC tablecloth, made all the more attractive a proposition by the increasing number of fabulous designs available now. Honestly....PVC can be stylish!! Never thought I would say that!

Take a look at the wide range available at John Lewis online. Anything from retro to country cottage to funky modern. I defy anyone, even the most resistant to PVC anything, to not find a pattern that they could live with, probably even really 'like' from the choice available!

I LOVE the stuff (I must add here.......for tablecloths alone!!). It is reasonably inexpensive (from around £9 per metre), lasts for ages...years... (clean with white spirit for removing stubborn stains) and can be bought by the metre and in fractions of a metre. There are some lovely, playful children's designs too. Ideal for the dining table or just to cover a surface when doing arty, craft, messy stuff! 

A lady recently questioned me about what household item/gadget I could simply not do without. In the grand scheme of things, I could obviously quite easily manage without many many of the relative luxuries and gadgets surrounding me in my home. When pressed, and at this point in time, and aside from cooker, fridge etc, I plumped for my Kenwood Chef. I think the PVC cloths might just be up there in the top 10 too.

What would yours be?


  1. Mine would be my husband: efficient, effective, cheap to run and hasn't required replacing yet.