Friday, 25 May 2012

Celebrating the weekend. (Any excuse!)

Candle - By Melt (and it has!), Verbena and Clary Sage. Glasses- Habitat. Vase - Ken Eardley. Table - Garden Trading.

What another fantastic day we've had! I've heard so many people moan about the weather over the past few days. It's too hot. It's too sunny. It won't last. I prefer 22 degrees not 24....and on and on and on! Why can't we ever be happy?

My friend posted me a pic from Abu Dhabi from the temperature guage of her car. 46 degrees. Now that is something that justifies a moan!

I, even as a fair haired, fair skinned kind of gal, love the fact that I can get outside whether it's to do a spot of gardening, play with the kids or just sit and read a magazine in the sun. And I so look forward to the prospect of sitting outside into the evenings with a glass of something. It might not last, but I intend to make the most of it whilst it is here. (Please note, my weekend rarely starts with Moet! I'd actually have preferred Prosecco...but alas, our cellar was bare!)

The candle has seen better days but the smell is gorgeous and I am determined to eek every last bit of scent out of it....lots of carving with a bread knife! The vase, which I love, was a wedding present from a stylist friend of mine and is by a Brighton based artist, Ken Eardley. I nipped to my mothers and stole the lilac.

My other mission this weekend is to re-house my seed pots above. I have been very lax this summer on the planting seeds front, other than sowing some wild flower seeds at the front of the house, and so on Wednesday, feeling a little guilty and disappointed, I popped to the garden centre and bought sweet pea and beetroot seeds. (2 separate items...not some cross-fertilised scented climbing vegetable!) The lack of trays upon which to sit the pots meant I had to raid the children's playhouse and steal (this post is rapidly portraying me as a kleptomaniac!) trays from their play kitchen! Not the most stylish.

My other task is to buy some nice pots for basil (my taste of summer), coriander and mint plants for the kitchen window well as bringing out the garden dining furniture, BBQ and lighting the chimenea as the evening draws on...

I hope it doesn't rain......

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  1. Can you please come and sort out my herbs, flowers and anything else you fancy passing a paint brush over? X