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Sitting pretty. My choice of the prettiest, funkiest cushions for Spring/Summer 2012.

Day Birger at Mikelson at House of Fraser £35

When it comes to choosing one of my favourite things to buy for the home, I have to say, cushions come near, if not top, of my list. You can update or refresh a room by adding or changing cushions for a relatively small cost....compared to the cost of totally re vamping a room! (That is the argument I use to convince my husband, at least!)

I possibly have what is verging on an unnecessary penchant for buying new cushions. Where our cellar is crammed full of paint pots, our roof space resembles some kind rescue home for abandoned cushions! My poor husband trembles at the very mention of the word, 'cushion'.
It seems to be a common complaint amongst men. I have shared many a cuppa with my girl friends debating the whole issue of men, cushions and candles and how they 'just don't get it'! I am sure, across the world, there must be thousands, possibly millions of men that have uttered the words... "Just how many cushions and candles do we need?" 
It's not an argument worth entering in to...men! We like cushions and we like candles. Accept it. It's that nesting instinct we are born with. I tell myself that I am benefitting the energy performance of the house in that the cushion mountain in the roof actually acts as loft insulation. Candles are a different subject, but all I would say is that in my defence, I have a 2 year old with a bottom possibly worthy of being labelled a WMD and scented candles and room sprays are an absolute must! 

So, with spring in the air and the promise of summer around the corner, here is my pick of the prettiest, funkiest, most stylish cushions around at the moment. I have picked from a range of classic floral prints, retro designs and smart stripes. Obviously, the choices are endless and I have hand picked just a few from different stockists. I would strongly recommend that you check out the sites featured for more fabulous designs!

Voyage'Charlotte-blush' Graham Sanderson Interiors £48.50

Above: Bluebellgray 'Liz cushion' for John Lewis £80

Above: Voyage 'Poppy' linen cushion £50 John Lewis
Floral prints are very 'on trend' this year and these are some very pretty examples. These prints would work well in a classic or modern setting without looking fuddy duddy. The colours are bright, but not garish.
Above: Bluebellgray for John Lewis £80.

Some of these choices may be slightly more expensive than many 0ther versions available on the high street, but you could easily get away with a single print cushion amongst otherwise monotone cushions for a striking effect. Less is definitely more when it comes to florals! 

 The heart cushion to the left is by Jan Constantine and is priced at £79.50. Again, a little on the pricey side, but one JC cushion can go a long way!  Hearts, Union flags and 'love' feature heavily in her designs. Whilst I love the designs, it would be easy to over do it. Probably a good thing that they are priced as they are!

The 'Mum' cushion below, also by Jan Constantine, is £43.50 and comes in 6 colour options.
A lovely Mother's Day present if your budget is an exceptionally healthy one!

'Butterfly' £22 Hunkydoryhome.com

Moving slightly away from florals into prints, I rather liked the yellow butterfly cushion below from Hunkydory Home. It costs a very reasonable £22 and would add a lovely citrus burst to any spring/summer scheme. As with many of these cushions, it would work equally well on a garden bench or patio chair than on a sofa indoors.

The cushions below right are from the Moti Ari range at Myakka.co.uk, a Fair Trade furniture company I love the fact that they are all made from recycled wedding saris! They come in a range of stunning jewel colours and are adorned with beads. They cost £29.95 each. 

Moti Ari - Myakka.co.uk

Harlequin 'Etienne' cushion from John Lewis £50

On to the retro section now! The 'Badger' cushion is from a fabulous range by Donna Wilson (www.donnawilson.com), is 100% pure wool and comes in 3 colour ways. Slightly more pricey at £70 but a real statement piece. Donna has some really funky designs on her website and I would urge you to have a look. There are some great cushions for a kids bedroom. The 'Bird' cushion in lime is a Linum and Elle Decoration collaboration and is priced at £40.

The 'Gerbera' cushions (right) are also by Linum and are £40 for the pair.

The 'Green Elephant' cushion is from a fun collection at http://www.hunkydoryhome.co.uk/.

And finally on to my favourite striped cushion selection. 

'Camargue' 100% cotton £34 Scandiliving.
All of the cushions below are by Linum. These can be sourced via one of my favourite online retailers, Scandiliving at http://www.scandiliving.com/.
It will come as no surprise that my love of this website stems from the fact that it features Scandinavian design! I urge you to take a look at the soft furnishings. I know this is a cushion feature, but click on the wall stickers. The Velo wall sticker in black is great! When I have my modern passive house, this will grace one of the walls!
Grey linen Linum cushion from Scandiliving £39
'Bob' Linum cushion in bay leaf green
 at Scandiliving £39
I particularly like Linum cushion covers. The linen fabric is good quality and the button fastenings add an extra design element. The colour choice is always good. The design, simple yet classic and again, ideal for outdoor or indoor use.
'Lassie' in herringbone -
Linum at Scandiliving £39

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