Monday, 26 March 2012

A few spiders and a hint of summer!

It's been a day or two since my last blog. I've been busy painting the front room (yes....AGAIN!). This time I've plumped for Farrow and Ball's 'Stoney Ground'. I thought about posting a pic but then thought better of it. No one really wants to see continual pictures of my front room as it undergoes one transformation after another. I decided it might be a bit like having to look through someone's endless holiday snaps on slide show charting their trek through Guatemala, complete with running commentary....or listening to a husband taking you through his round of golf....particularly the brilliant 9th hole that he played, complete with a demonstration of how the shot was played.....Or re-telling the moment that he landed the worlds biggest carp on the end of his line! "It was this big!" No. For now, I will spare you.

What I have done though, is post this pic of my husband's birthday cake! Really easy to make! The children insisted that we make a spider cake. He hates spiders. In fact I would go as far as to say that he reacts like a small child at the sight of a spider....the squealing, jumping onto the nearest chair type of reaction, not the rounding it into a corner and squashing it reaction! I will not allow that. Nothing to do with interiors, although black and white would look great against Stoney Ground! I was pretty pleased with our efforts though so please forgive me for showing it off here! 

candlesticks from £20

A friend of mine tipped me off about the fashion chain, French Connection, moving into the homewares market. Poor old French Connection have been struggling with pre-tax profits plummeting and so, like so many other fashion brands, have decided to expand into the lucrative homewares market. French Connection's premium home and lifestyle range will be launched in April, starting in 10 of its main stores first and online, of course. I've had a sneak preview and quite like what I see. The collection is being billed as "....bringing sophistication and sleekness to any home environment by introducing a clean fusion where minimal sits with rustic antique." I love these marketing descriptions. Basically then, we can expect lots of muted colours, neutral tones, wood etc. I don't object to this in principle. I like muted and neutral. Let's hope that the pricing is 'minimal' (the clothes, in my opinion, are a little on the pricey side for what they are...) and helps to turn French Connection's fortunes around!

We've had some great weather over the weekend and it was fab being able to get out into the garden. With a hint of summer (ever the optimist!) in the air, I will be taking a look at some lovely summer picnic and outdoor living ideas over the course of the next few blogs. Here's just a sneak preview of a few things I've spotted so far....

For beautiful table coverings look no further than Zara Home. ( I am a big fan of Zara Home. It is affordable and crammed with homewares to suit all styles and pockets. These are just two of a fairly extensive range of tablecloths on their site. I look at these and picture lunching outdoors in the 'jardin' of my French home! I'm not and it wont happen.....but that is how I like to think! I'll just have to re create in my own garden here in Le Midlands! 
For a more retro feel, I point you in the direction of another of my favourites, Scandiliving. ( 
I like the lively, funky retro design of this table runner and cushion from the Linum & Elle Decoration collection available online. Perfect for Spring/Summer. There is currently a 20% discount available on this collection by entering the code ElleDecco when you checkout. 

For glassware, look no further than John Lewis. I bought this Maxwell and Williams H20 bottle in both green and berry last year. They are £3.95 each and I had so many comments about how nice they looked on the table.  

My next purchase may be the La Rochere water tumblers from John Lewis. Oozing French living....£5 each.

I've plenty more snaps to show you....but for now, I will let you escape and enjoy this wonderful British weather...........while it lasts!


  1. I love the spider cake would be perfect for halloween :) but I can see how it would work for a Dads birthday when he hates spiders lol x

    1. Thanks Sarah. Yes. It got the reaction from Dad that the kids were hoping for!!! He gave an Oscar winning performance!

  2. Hi Lottie

    Thank you so much for your lovely mail and your nomination !
    I am very chuffed and shall write it up tomorrow :)
    Also I really like your blog with all its great finds - so I shall be back again and again !