Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Kreativ Blogger (Award)

What a lovely surprise! A fellow blogger has awarded me the Kreativ Blogger Award today. Big thank you to Beth Goodrham, a fellow blogger and Fashion Stylist-extraordinaire! Check Beth out at http://www.styleguile.blogspot.com/ for fabulous fashion and an insight into the life of busy stylist. I love to see how I ought to look each day as I stand there staring into my wardrobe in my pj's and slippers looking like the woman out of Tom and Jerry (according to my darling husband!)

I now have to post 7 things about myself. Not an easy task, I can tell you! Right. Here goes:

1. I spent a couple of years living in Munich. Great city. Visit if you can!

2. I am a grade 8 (with distinction!!) violinist.

3. Whilst at junior school, my father was my headmaster! Fortunately, for both of us, I was a well behaved pupil!

4. I am a big Boris Johnson fan. I find his intelligent yet bumbling foolishness somehow attractive! (Though his morals are somewhat dubious!)

5. I like to re decorate my living room on a weekly basis....and indeed, interrupted my painting to post this blog!

6. Italy would be my favourite holiday destination.

7. I credit my parents, my wonderful husband and 2 children with everything that is good about me. Life is peachy!

I would like to nominate the following fellow bloggers for this award :




Right. Must get back to the painting!


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