Monday, 3 September 2012

Elegant styling courtesy of Reese Witherspoon...

Phew. A busy morning. By 10am I had fed and clothed the kids, done a supermarket dash and given the downstairs cloak a coat of paint!

The children have friends over today and are making the most of the last couple of days of school holiday. Whilst I enjoy the time the children are at home....the days we are free to get up, in theory, a little later than normal (but as we parents all know.....this strangely rarely happens until the children are well into their teens!), I am always quite relieved when school begins again and some semblance of routine returns to our lives.

The house is a tip. The floors need a proper clean as do the windows. Nothing life threatening....but jobs I am actually quite looking forward to attacking next week.

Yesterday, we spent a lovely day with friends at their home in Harborne. The weather was great so the kids played in the paddling pool. I always look forward to meeting up with this particular friend who happens to be my oldest (in terms of years we have known each other!) and dearest friend. She is also a successful fashion stylist and therefore our visit is always preceded with a certain amount of agonising on what I should wear! (My friend will laugh at this!) She, unlike me, is a snappy dresser, has an eye for what looks good and has fab hair just to top it all off!

Whilst I agonise about an outfit, Beth sends me texts apologising in advance for the state of her house! I find this comforting! It helps me to relax about my outfit!! We did laugh. At one point, Beth insisted that I go upstairs and witness the terrible state of her teenage daughter's bedroom. One not too chuffed daughter in tow, I took a quick look and, yes, it perhaps needed a little tidy! All of a sudden I didn't feel my legs looked quite so tree trunky in white jeans!

Anyway. I wonder if celebrities suffer the same anxieties as we mere mortals?! I doubt it because they employ celebrity stylists to decorate their homes and tell them what to wear and clear up their mess!

I took a sneaky peek into Reese Witherspoon's newly styled Californian home and I really like her style. There are elements in the design that could easily be employed on a 'normal' budget without the celebrity interior designer. I particularly like the mix of textures and fabrics....leather and wood...and the mix of modern alongside more traditional furnishings. Quite European infact...a touch of English, a touch of Scandinavian. 

Here are some pics.

son's room

daughter's room

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