Wednesday, 29 August 2012

New England? Vintage? Ultra modern? Country cottage? What do I want??

I've been quiet of late on the blogging front. It's been a busy time and so interiors have just had to take a back seat.

What I have been doing over this period, is logging onto Rightmove rather a lot! We are tentatively (and I mean 'tentatively') considering a move.

What started out as quite an enjoyable little foray into house/area searching, has actually become somewhat of a headache as well as a reality check! Whilst my husband's job is fortunate in that a relocation could in theory be north, south, east or west (UK!), the choice actually makes the whole prospect even more daunting and difficult, believe it or not.

He provided me with a list of locations. Great. Problem is, about many of the locations I had already formed my own pre-conceived opinions and dismissed them outright! The remaining locations include many of the most expensive areas in the country. Not great.

And that's before we even consider schools!

My head is spinning. Trying to balance budget, area, proximity to family and schooling is almost, if not totally, impossible!

For some respite, I decided to forget all the major stuff for a moment and think about what I would like in terms of a house. The head spinning returned big style! I don't know what I want! I know what other people want....I know what I would like.....

I hope we will know what we want if and when we see it. We don't have the luxury of too much in the way of choice (budget!)...or we would have a cottage in the country, a beach house somewhere exotic, a French retreat in Provence, a Tuscan getaway and a swanky weekend pad in central London! (Oh....and the weekly family home handy for work and schools!)

In terms of interior styling, again, I'm hoping the house will dictate, as did the house we are in now. Out current home would have felt odd with anything other than typical (fairly safe)cottage-style interior decor.

As with any project, I will have to follow my own advice, which is to sit and pore over interiors magazines and pull out pages that I like and file them away and then wait and see what the house dictates.

I'm secretly hoping that we find some sort of project that allows us to choose the direction. I'd then like to employ George Clarke to come in, knock a few walls around, add an extension here and there and create the funky family home I'm after, having totally read my style likes and dislikes without me even having known it!

In the meantime, here are my favourite interior no particular order. You see my problem?


Sleek modern

New England


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