Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The living room : Part 3!

You may recall from my previous post, that I was awaiting for the following morning in order to double check the test colour I had painted on the wall. I'll just give you a quick re-cap (if nothing else, to remind myself where I am at!). I started with Pavilion Gray, moved onto white, progressed to Skylight, via various rejected colours and ended up by painting the whole room in Blackened (Farrow and Ball), as seen in the photo below. Granted, it is not the best pic in the world. If you squint, you can just about make out that the walls are a very pale shade of gray and not white! I took these pictures a few minutes ago and by this time in the afternoon the sun has moved round to the back of our house (or disappeared altogether behind a big black rain cloud!).

I can strongly recommend this colour. I would describe it as classically contemporary. It is a definite blue/gray in certain lights, but not overly so. It is light enough not to dominate a relatively small room and looks great accessorised with white, black and any natural wood colourings, dark or light. I've seen some lovely silver lamp bases that would fit perfectly should I want to take things a step further.  A really adaptable colour all in all. 

I am pretty happy that I accomplished what I set out to do, which was to make a subtle change to the character of the room. I re-framed some of the pictures with black and dark wood frames, nothing fancy...a trip to Ikea did the job... and re-positioned a number of them. Nothing too significant. Just a few small alterations and a new colour yet the room has quite a different feel.

I posted last week that I was also searching for a new ceiling light. This new colour also opens up the options in so far as a more modern light fitting would not necessarily look out of place now.

For now at least, I am happy with the choice. Watch this space though! My paint brush is never far away.

As I wrote in my first post, choosing colour is as much about trial and error as anything. I've certainly trialed a few paints and narrowly escaped a few errors with this one! 

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