Saturday, 18 February 2012

The living room: Part 2. Decisions....decisions....decisions!

Yesterday I mentioned the possibility of performing a colour U-turn. Today I'd describe it as more of a 'wandering off the beaten track' scenario.

The white paint went back into the cellar whilst I nipped to Homebase and bought a handful of new tester pots. I've got a patch of wall with Pavilion Gray, Skylight and Borrowed Light (F&B) and Favourite China from the Dulux Origins range. I then sat for what seemed like ages, positioning the sofa and cushions along side the test area, trying desperately to make a decision.  I then sat for a while reading 25 Beautiful Homes and spied an article describing how someone had painted their living room 7 times before deciding on the correct colour. No sweat. I've got 4 colours to go!

At this point in time, I think I am going to go with Skylight, a Farrow and Ball paint. I've read Interior Design articles describing this colour as a Venetian blue-gray. A blue-gray is exactly the colour I had in mind (apart from white, of course!).  As it was late afternoon when I started tinkering with my tester friends, I'm just going to wait until the morning in order to check how it looks in the daylight. I don't really want to have to change all of the soft furnishings so need to be sure it works. The snap shot above, though not taken in the best light, shows the colours that will need to work together. I'll reserve final judgement until then.

Better go and wash the brushes in time for round 3!

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