Friday, 17 February 2012

The living room : Part 1.

I had a rare moment of indecision today which lead to me scrapping the idea of painting the front room in Pavilion Gray and opting for the altogether more safe option of slapping another quick coat of white on the walls just to freshen the look and to get rid of those annoying marks that appear where pictures have been hanging. Watch this space. I may yet have another change of heart. Not an unusual occurrence in this house!

And so into the weekend we head. This weekend is going to be all about the front room. To quote Mastermind presenters past and present, "I've started so I'll finish"! 

I have to confess to taking the slightly easier route. I convinced myself that the gray would be too dark. I love the colour gray and gazed longingly at it on the walls in my sister in law's newly decorated house recently. Very elegant. Being half the size, I'm not quite convinced my front room can carry it.

Gray, despite the name usually conjuring up thoughts of dreary, dull, ill looking or cloudy wet weather, is actually an excellent colour for painting walls. Gray can be modern, it can be classic and sophisticated. It looks great with crisp white and can be warmed up with citrus shades. In actual fact, it can be the exact opposite of dull and dreary as you can see from the schemes below.


And so, with gray relegated to the bench, for the moment at least, I have to make the best of white walls.

With all of the furniture either out or into the middle of the room the walls have have been painted brilliant white. Rather than go for the new wall colour, I am going to look at re-arranging all of the artwork in order to give the room a subtle new look. In the process I'll probably re-frame some pictures, ditch some, maybe invest in some new ones. Who knows?
The Oka catalogue dropped through the letter box today as well, so a new cushion or two might be in order! It was most definitely a sign! That is the project for this weekend and you will be able to see the results in due course.

On the other hand, and when I look at the delicious schemes above, I may do a U-turn worthy of a front bench politician, and paint the whole room a wonderful shade of gray! 

Whilst I was deliberating in which direction to take my design, my husband and son were in the adjacent room working on their Grand Design, as seen below. It's quite a thing, listening to a grown man and a 2 year old battling over the best way to construct a Lego fire station! The more mature member of the design duo (no guesses as to which one I am referring!) allowed the other to have his way with the viewing platform specially designed for the fire station's pet rabbit! 

Thank goodness they leave me to my own devices with our home!

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