Saturday, 23 August 2014

Colourful bargain purchase of the week from Waitrose!

After an elongated rest from the world of interiors I have kick started the next phase with a really exciting purchase! (said sarcastically...).

We've just ended a really lovely week down in Hampshire in the delightful New Forest. I'm not paid by the Hampshire Tourist Board, but it really is lovely down there. A great mix of forest walks and just a hop, skip and a jump to the beach. The smalls loved it. My daughter is obsessed with horses and therefore when we came across 'free range' donkeys happily plodding along Beaulieu high street her eyes nearly popped out of her head! That was just the start. Our friends live in the New Forest and, for daughter, opening the front door and looking across the road at New Forest ponies grazing right in front of you was like seventh heaven! Son was less impressed with 4 legged friends but loved hooking up with his 2 legged little girl pal. Both 5 years old, they already resemble an old married couple. I think our families would all agree that wifey wears the trousers in the relationship...mostly by default as my son becomes totally subservient in our friends' daughter's company! We need to borrow her on a regular basis!

Anyway. As usual, I digress. Wifey's (name for purpose of this blog) mum and grandma and I share common interests, one being going out for lunch, but choosing a route allowing us to wander in and out of housey/interior and clothes shops! But it was actually a supermarket find that made me part with my money on this occasion....though I do have a few non-purchase regrets already.

Wifey's mum had previously purchased some colourful plastic cups from Waitrose picnic range and I eyed them up immediately and made it my (sad) mission to track some down. Anyway. Here they are. Lovely jewel colours and completely practical for outdoor use (or, indeed, indoor use for children) and in the sale at £2.50 for a box of 4. So much so, I bought 4 boxes on the basis that they would make ideal children's party cups as alternative to the disposable variety. Not a show stopping purchase but a pleasing one all the same.

Over the coming weeks we are transforming our living room with new fireplace, flooring and d├ęcor so stay tuned!



  1. Love these! Did you find them online or in the shop? Thanks :o)

  2. Yes. They are lovely. I found them in the shop...though I had to trawl a few to find any left! Good luck with the search. If I find any in my local stores I will let you know and can always post them out to you....depending on where you are.

  3. Thanks for letting me know :o)