Monday, 9 July 2012

Sweets or chocolates...please!

The end of term is upon us. Sports days are out of the way...either completed or cancelled! Reports have been issued and it is that time of year when you decide whether or not to reward/thank the teacher with a small gift!

If it were down to the children, I expect most would lavish their teachers with the variety of 'decorative' hanging objects out there with 'best teacher' or 'no.1 teacher' or whatever etched across them. Lovely....but totally useless as gifts go!

Now, I speak from some experience in this department as the child of a former Teacher and a Head Teacher.

The end of term was always quite exciting for me as a small child. Almost like an extra Christmas as I used to help my parents open their end of term pressies. Whilst they were very much appreciated by my parents, quite a few of them ended up in my dolls house or at a bring and buy sale or similar. (Obviously with the latter..with enough of a time delay that no parent would recognise their gift on sale!) We would scoff the chocs and we kids would hoard the trinkets.

Now I am the parent buying for the teachers with my two children. Whilst I very much appreciate the support and hard work of my children's teachers, I am not willing to spend more than a couple of pounds on end of term gifts. The children are moving up a's not like it will have any positive influence on their marks or report!! Too late by then! 

Retailers don't half make the most of this time of year though.

I thought I would post a couple of ideas for under £5 and over....but not much over!

I have bought these napkins above for my son's teachers. The cost between £2 and £3. I don't know about you, but I'd be happy receiving them...particularly with summer holidays round the corner (??). The butterfly notebook for a retiring teacher is another choice. Under £6 and again, pretty and the sort of thing that has some practical use.

I had a little look online and picked out the following:

The above gifts are from the East of India company. The 'Thank you' candle is £6.99, the shopping list pad £4.99 and the book mark, which I quite liked is £2.50. All 3 are pretty but practical. The mug is £4.75. All of these are available on Amazon.

Here's a good insider tip for you. If your children's teachers have children of their own......just buy them a box of chocolates...or biscuits....or sweets! Rest assured.....they will be very much appreciated!!! 

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