Sunday, 8 July 2012

Bread of Heaven!

I've been very lazy over the past few terms of posting. The truth is, I haven't picked up a paint brush or indulged in any interior purchases, re-arrangements or investigations of any kind. The closest I got to anything remotely 'interiorsy' was a recent camping trip to the Cotswolds with friends. I thought that may be stretching things somewhat!

 I've also been enjoying Wimbledon, not least of all watching my tennis playing fantasy husband, Roger Federer, taking the title again, despite his dodgy RF cardigans! (My real husband is fine with my extra-marital relationship with Rog....infact he positively encourages it based on the fact that if Rog does ever leave Mirka for me, that current hub should benefit from a nice settlement! The old romantic!)

Our house is having a breather whilst I take stock and decide 'should we move?' Or 'should we stay and carry on playing around with what we've got every now and then?' It's a tough one.

In the meantime, please stick with my as I may post on the odd random subject every now and again.

My most recent purchase, and my new best friend, is a bread maker. Now, I have had a range of reactions to this purchase. Some question whether it will ever see the light of day again after the novelty has worn off! Fair comment. I confess to a similar experience with a smoothie maker, which has gone into permanent hiding. I fell at the first hurdle with that one. Peel the fruit? What? Me? I don't think so!

Others praise the invention and say they rarely buy bread from the supermarket as the 'home made' bread is so much better.

Well. I have to say, so far, I am a convert and a worshipper of my new toy. I have made numerous loaves since its arrival and they have all turned out pretty well! Now I have mastered the white and brown loaf I am going to try the more adventurous recipes. All exciting stuff, I know!

So. For anyone in two minds. Go for it, I'd say. We bought the Panasonic SD-2500 and so far, so good. The down side is, if not careful, I will be 115 stone in a few weeks!

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