Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Gorilla Glue UK

I'm always happy to use Lottie's Interiors to look at different products.....if it's something I would use myself.

Today's post is one such product. I particularly like the broken pot solution as I for one am a tad lazy when it comes to bringing pots in to prevent frost damage. More often than not, my favourite pots end up in pieces.

I'm just wondering if it's strong enough to mend my daughter's broken heart on realising after taking her to One Direction's final tour concert on Sunday that Harry and Co would be going their separate ways very soon! Such a shame. Love them or loathe them.....it really was a fantastic show.

Here's a possible solution! I'll hand over to Gorilla Glue to explain..

See UK Gorilla Glue for more info and stockists in your area.
Guest Post – Repair Not Replace and save money! – by Gorilla Glue UK.

A broken plant pot will find its way into everyone’s garden at some point and is something that we often can’t control due to the uncertainly of the elements! We are fast becoming a society that finds it all too easy to go out and spend money buying another item rather than using DIY skills to repair like the generations before would have done.

Here is a simple solution for fixing your broken plant pots. We’ve chosen to use Gorilla Glue as once it has cured it can stand up to intense heat or extreme cold and is also 100% waterproof, so ideal for fixing items that find themselves at home outdoors.

Step One: Damp It

In order to activate Gorilla Glue, damp the surface of one half of the broken pot first with a little bit of water. A spray bottle would work well as the glue is cured with the help of moisture. However do not add water to the bottle.

Step Two: Glue It

Apply a thin layer of glue to the other surface but use it sparingly. A USP of Gorilla Glue is that it expands up to three times its size during curing which helps to form an unbreakable bond with almost any material including wood, ceramic, stone and metal.
Once the glue is set, if there is a bit of expansion resulting in foam simply cut away the excess with a pocket knife.
Step Three: Grip it

Grip the pieces that you have stuck together for 1 – 2 hours, you can use a piece of stone, or a heavy book or even a bit of Gorilla Tape. That way the bond line improves with better gripping resulting in a finer finish. Leave for 24 hours for an incredibly strong bond!

And there you have it! A fixed pot brightening up your garden again proving that you don’t need to spend money in replacing the item – just use a bit of trusty DIY!


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