Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Ceiling pendant lights.

We're part way through the hall and landing project and at the point of lighting choices again.
Along the landing we have inherited low level spot lights, which on first glance, looked naff. The fittings were cheap, cumbersome looking things which didn't help. Having lived with them they are actually really useful and as a result we've decided to keep them and just update the fittings. With young children, having the ability to have low level lighting on when they first go to bed is really useful.  Worth considering I would say as an addition to ceiling spots.
Our entrance hall has, in part, a double height ceiling to the landing. The ceiling has an existing pendant fitting and needs a shade to provide some interest. As with most things in this house, it is not central to anything, rather, randomly placed on the ceiling, presumably in a position that the original owners could reach with little or no effort. As a result, it's probably not best placed, but for now, we are going to work with it!
And so to the search for a ceiling pendant shade, taking in to consideration the required drop and the amount of light required. The general look with the hallway and landing is clean, white, fairly contemporary. So the decisions are...keep it 'simple', choose something 'interesting' or inject some 'bling'.
Here's a selection from my search starting with bling!
A word of caution, the Franklite pendant above retails at £6,048.00! Ouch!
Or what about Tom Dixon's Mirror Ball pendants?
I love the four below for contemporary, white but interesting shapes. Think the feather shade, as lovely as it is, would rapidly gather dust though! 
Love these David Hunt Antler pendants...but not quite right for us.


We have ordered (from trusty old John Lewis), the Harmony ribbon pendant below. Now. Let me just say, this image does not do this shade justice at all. In the flesh, this shade is rather nice. Quite elegant, but contemporary with it. The fabric ribbons are black, but when illuminated, take on a more deep navy, purplish look. The strips are slightly wider than they appear here too which gives the shade a more substantial look and at 60cm in diameter it should fill the void nicely.  At £130.00 it's not too painful on the bank balance either.

For the lighting above, see lightingstoredirect.co.uk. Graham and Green, Christopher Wray, John Lewis and Rockett St George and The Conran Shop.

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