Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Bargain buy of the week.

My bargain buy of this week has to be my 6 Eames style dining chairs, as seen below.
Now, I had some reservations about this purchase, mainly because this chair has been somewhat done to death I think. Flicking through magazines, these Eames chairs appear on every other page, just about. Mmmm. A little predictable maybe.
The cynical side of me also always wonders whether the pictured (magazine shots) chairs are, in fact, 'genuine' Eames when it states they are, retailing at around £320 or indeed, 'inspired by' copies, such as mine...a mere snip at £31.99 each on Ebay with free p&p!
Frankly, who cares? I ordered a single copy from Made.com a couple of weeks ago and then visited a retailer of the original version (£328) and quite honestly, I could hardly tell the difference. The additional 6 I ordered (different supplier) are identical and came well packaged and the next day.
Predictable they may be, but these chairs are incredibly comfortable, durable (essential with children) and as I required at least 6 for the table, cost effective. I would post a picture of the chairs around the table....but I haven't got the table yet!
They may fall to pieces. Let's see. If you are in the fortunate position of being able to afford the real mccoy, then great. They may well be a better build quality. I would hope so!
My second purchase this week, and as with the chairs, a subject on which I have blogged recently, is this pendant light shade below.
This may not have been such a bargain (Kura pendant, £50, Habitat) but it fulfils the brief perfectly.  Apologies for the poor picture. This room is mid-rescue, as you can see! The mix of laminate and deep pile brown carpet will not be staying.
I'm not a fan of central ceiling lights, but this room is quite large and the intention is to keep it minimally decorated with white walls and wood flooring, making the most of its triple aspect. As a result, I think it needed a central light, more as a statement and to help draw the room in, rather than as a functional light. This light is the extra large version and is made from toughened paper. I like the sharp, modern style and whilst I would have liked to have spent less than this, it is considerably cheaper than the £160 shade I did have my eye on. That makes it a bargain!



  1. Wow, your home is really inspirational and beautiful. it is so hard to find the balance between a comfortable and cosy home and one which is design-led and on trend. You seem to have discovered the balance perfectly. I especially love these coloured chairs and am imagining them dotted around our dinner table too! Along with the coloured crystal champagne glasses we sell in our store, I think it would make for an eclectic and diverse colour mix! Looking forward to reading more of your blog soon.

    1. With 2 young children we can't be too precious about anything and I agree, your glassware is perfect for that modern/vintage mix. I love some of the coloured glassware at www.gurasu.co.uk