Thursday, 1 August 2013

Another house and a plan chest coffee table.

Well, our search for a new home is certainly proving to be a learning curve if nothing else.

We were in the lucky position of having agreed a sale on our property within the first two weeks, to a lovely lady vet who is renting. Perfect. We were then gazumped on the house that we wanted to buy....but as many many people commented when it happened, as annoying as it was at the time, it was obviously just not meant to be and with time we have thought of so many reasons why in actual fact, that house would not have been right for us.

Oh hindsight........I sometimes wish you would reveal yourself prior to the decision making process!

It's a frightening thought when you sit back and consider that we make such big decisions with such considerable financial consequences when buying a house, often based on just two viewings.......or, as in our case, just one viewing!

We have found another house since gazump gate. We only viewed it once internally. We fell in love (possibly a little this decision is more of a practical one than an emotional one) with the position of the property in relation to the village it sits in. I'm not going to say too much about it as it is early days and we've not had the survey done yet!

When we started looking I wanted a bit of a project. Nothing major....but it's my thing and this new property will definitely test that! It's not a looker but it has plenty of space and bags of potential and a small face lift will make all the difference. I also wanted something different to the cottage we are leaving behind. This will be a radical departure and I can't wait to go modern! Anyway. I'll say no more on the subject until we are further down the line, but we've got everything crossed this time. These things are rarely straight forward though so let's just see.

With a move in mind, a good friend of mine got in touch with me and told me about her work's move to new, custom built premises and the fact that they were selling off all of the old furniture at the old building. What a result! It was like all our Christmases had come at once! My friend lectures in fashion/design that sort of area and shares a love of interiors and recycling interesting furniture. So, off we toddled to her old offices to be met by endless rooms of no longer needed furniture. Heaven! The fact that it all had a design based function meant that there were literally loads of bits and pieces that were worth snapping up.

My friend and I both paid quite literally a few pounds for an architects plan chest each. We both plan to use them as coffee tables and the image above is exactly the look that will be achieved. This is not my image and not my room but the chest looks exactly like the one in the picture above and the plan is to use it in the living room which will be quite modern in style. Probably minimalist, largely down to the fact that is twice the size of our current living room and therefore we will have no furniture to fill it! This is a big piece of furniture as it comes in two sections (The above is just the top section.) but will be perfect for the space.

We also both grabbed a couple of these fab stools below (£3 each!). They will come in so handy as extra seating around a table.... or as desk stools for the children....or as bedside or lamp tables we both thought!

The whole experience filled me with so many ideas...I also put my name on a desk/console table whilst I was there....that when I got home and stopped smiling at my purchases, I suggested to hubby that we hire a van and pay another visit! So, that's Saturday sorted! I'll share my finds with you once we've found somewhere to store them!
Kirstie Allsopp eat your heart out! I will furnish my next house on a shoe string! Believe me, unlike our dear Kirstie, if this move goes to plan, I will have to!


  1. I look forward to seeing your purchases & fingers all crossed for the property . Enjoyed watching Kirstie on Monday with her 'free' stuff . Good luck Jan xx

  2. Wow, you got some fabulous stuff and if I may say so far nicer than the stuff Kirstie is popping up with on her show!

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