Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Things are hotting up!

Things are sure hotting up in the house selling department!

We put our house on the market a month or so back, fully expecting that it would take a while to sell, with the market being a little on the flat side at the moment. Amazingly, and my agent, I am sure, will not take offence to this, rather unexpectedly, we found ourselves at the 'agreed sale' stage within the first two weeks with a buyer in rented accommodation! Perfect.

Yikes! We have not found anywhere to go yet! Rightmove has, as you can imagine, become my new bff!

We've decided upon a location but have yet to find the 'home'! Blimey, it's hard. I've watched many hours of Kirstie and Phil over the years. Boy, do I need Phil right now. I'm afraid I can do without Kirstie and her Paddington Bear coats with over sized buttons and her equally annoying, somewhat patronising in my view, comments at times! Sorry Kirstie. And your 'home-made' is just not made for me!

We've covered the miles, driving and walking around the town and pin pointing the locations  where we would love to be, those we would consider and those areas we would not be prepared to live and we have so far, come up with a grand total of two properties that tick enough of our boxes not to be a compromise too far. Both are over our budget and therefore we've had offers rejected on both! In my humble view, they are both over priced.

I'm trying to remain cool, calm and collected. We will not pay over the odds for a property no matter how tempting. This is my mantra and I must stick to it! I may need some encouraging words should anyone have any!

No pics today. I will keep anyone who is interested posted on progress and my next post is going to feature a 'guest' segment from a local Estate Agent who is going to offer some insight into the buying/selling game.

Should any of you have any questions you want to ask about buying or selling your property then please do get in touch and we shall endeavour to answer your queries.

In the meantime, our search continues. Wish us luck!

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