Friday, 12 October 2012

Farrow and Ball at Seymour Interiors, Wirksworth

Last week I had the delight of attending a Farrow and Ball colour talk at Seymour Interiors in Wirksworth.

I took my Mum (rivals me in the trigger-happy with a paint brush stakes!) along as a guest and we had a really enjoyable and informative evening. Seymour Interiors were the perfect hosts, offering a nice cuppa and a delicious slice of cake on arrival!

Donations generated at the event were collected on behalf of a Neuroblastoma in infant and child charity.

The representative from Farrow and Ball talked to a full house covering the history of Farrow and Ball paints, the paint and paper producing process and then took us through some key looks as well as some handy tips. No matter what paint you choose to use in your home, I would urge you to go onto the F&B website where you will find plenty of inspiration and interior ideas and tips. Here are just a few.

  • If using wallpaper with a pattern and colour, pick out a colour in the pattern and paint any woodwork in this colour rather than white.
  • A common belief is that if you have a small room, painting it white will make it appear larger. In many cases (depending on light etc) what you will end up with is just a small white room! Be brave and choose a darker colour.
  • In the same way that white doesn't necessarily make a room look larger, a paper with a small pattern is not necessarily the way to go in a smaller room. The eye is not so easily fooled. Go for a bold pattern. Don't be apologetic for your small room!
  • Feature walls are still popular. Choose the smallest wall in the room as the feature wall so the overall effect is not too domineering.
  • Low ceilings - pick out a complimentary white (a toned white) to the walls or something other than white. If you use brilliant/bright white your eye will immediately be drawn upwards and that may not be what you want. The same applies to high ceilings.
  • Use an off cut of wallpaper to create a headboard as in the picture above.
  • Line drawers, cupboards, wardrobes with pretty wallpaper.
  • If you have wallpaper in your kitchen, apply a clear varnish to any areas of high traffic, where you keep your kitchen bin for example,  so that any stains,splashes etc can be easily wiped clean.
Seymour Interiors is a great little interiors find. For any Midland readers, it's well worth a visit. As well as soft furnishings and furniture they stock wallpapers and paints and are on hand to advise on all things interior decor wise, offering insightful tips and a wealth of experience. Take a look at the Facebook page and pay them a visit in Wirksworth.


  1. Amazing tips. I just love white color and other thing is the light color its so cozy and good for eyes. Farrow and Ball paints are way too classy. great share

  2. They are classy. As much as anything else, I love to look at the ideas that paint companies come up with.