Saturday, 2 June 2012

A pudding fit for a Queen?

Oh dear. I've just seen the weather forecast. Lots of rain, particularly across the Midlands. Never mind. We are descending on our local pub tomorrow afternoon for a spot of Jubilee partying. Not sure my 2 year old gets the plot at all. I showed him a picture of the Queen this morning and he asked me who 'HE' was! Off with his head!

My contribution is the Union flag pavlova, pictured above. I pinched the idea from a magazine, and although I say it myself, I think it's quite effective. It's huge as well so should feed a few of the neighbours.

A quick post today so whatever you are doing tomorrow, I hope you stay dry and have a good day! x


  1. Wow ! What a cake Lottie
    Delia eat your heart out :)


  2. Love pavlova! This looks amazing...I made two recently but want to try again as I think mine could have been better:) Enjoy your weekend!